Customising the Front Display

With Manysell you get to say goodbye to ugly pricing tables and say hello to sleek looking interactive displays. In this post we will be going over the front display settings and how you can customize them to your liking.

Before we proceed further, here are a couple of things to note.

  • The front display will not show on your store if the plugin is not activated (using your license key). Learn how to do that here
  • These front display only works when you use any one of the following discount types
  • The slider is only an option for “Discount on individual Product Quantity” the rest make use of the progress bar that is showcased on your store’s cart page

Now, to customize the front display head over manysell > settings > Front Display. You should land on a page that looks like this.

  • Position: By default, the position of the display will be before add to cart button. This is actually preferred but we have other options for you to choose from
  • Display Type: The slider gets rids of the quantity box and acts as a quality selection tool.
  • Display Type: The progress bar is pretty standard, its motion is determined by the quantity breaks you have set.
  • Promo Message: Think of this as your call to action text. By default, it is set to be dynamic. The {qty} tag shows your potential customer, how many more items they will need to add to activate the next discount. The {percent_fixed_price} shows the discount. Feel free to be creative with this.
  • Congrats Promo Message: If you are fortunate enough to have your customer add the maximum quantity and activates the last discount, you can encourage them to proceed to cart by congratulating them
  • Font Size:  This is the font size of the promo message and congrats message
  • Display Color: Input your own color code. Decide to use your brand colors or a color that stands out on your site.

Once You’re done customizing your settings, proceed to save your changes and take a look at how it all looks on the front end.

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