The essentials

Quantity discount

Set quantity breaks and allow customers to save big when they purchase multiple items.

Cart total discounts

Set discounts based on how many items are added to cart.

Product lists

Decide which products you want your discount rule to be applied to. Include or exclude products, categories, etc

Multiple front display

Say goodbye to ugly tables and start converting more with our various display options.


Set time limit

It is Cyber Monday, Christmas Eve? Set the start and end dates of your discount campaigns.

Set custom notices

Set custom promo messages and discount labels.

Fixed price or pecentage

Manysell offers 2 discount types, Percentage, and Fixed Price.

Set restrictions

You have full control over the number of times a customer can take advantage of a discount.

Brand New to manysell

Track your discount rules

Finally, as promised, an analytics feature that lets you see which discount rules are performing best. Track your AOV, sales, conversion rate etc.

Increase Your Sales & AOV