Use Cases: What Can You Do with Manysell?

A lot has happened since our launch on the 30th of Nov 2020. Since then we have received a lot of feedback from our users, some of which have been incorporated into the plugin whiles others are still in development. Manysell is designed to be an all in one, user-friendly solution to adding perfect quantity discounts to your woo-commerce store. Here are some Use cases to better help you understand what you can do with manysell Plugin.

Custom Categories

  • You can create a discount rule and apply it only to a specific product category; e.g 10% on the Women’s Category


User Roles

  • You can offer Each discount or promotion to only specific users or user roles. we are currently working on a Mailchimp integration that will allow you to run a promotion only visible to subscribers of specific lists. Exciting I know 🙂

Scheduled Promotions

  • Manysell Allows you to run discounts & promos on specific dates. schedule your discount rules to start on special occasions like Christmas, Black Friday, etc.

Discount on Cart Total

  • Encourage Your customers to add more items to cart to qualify for amazing discounts and price deductions. We have 2 types to this. we have cart total discount type that is based on different products. let’s say you want your customers to try out different products, you can create a discount rule that says “Add a different item to Get $8 off”. this will encourage them to try out different items.


Custom Discount Label

  • Customize the name of your discount label/coupon name. this name will show up on the cart page, checkout, and receipt. The example below shows “Christmas Sale” as the discount label 


User-Friendly Display types

  • The display on the cart for cart based discount is currently set to only progress bar but for ”Discount on Individual Product Quantity” You have the option to choose between a slider or a progress bar

There is so much you can do with Manysell Plugin and so much more coming up, including the following

  • Buy one get one free
  • custom Sales Label
  • create a BOGO discount, so customers can buy 1 item and get another for free

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